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*~Candy Coated Dreams~*

The Sew Addicted Cupcake Connoisseur

31 October 1986
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sushi earrings

I'm a dorky college student, living at home for my last year of college. I'm in school for Pastry Arts at The Art Institute of Washington. I've been an art student since middle school (for visual and drawing), so culinary is just another form of art for me. I love to play video games and watch anime with friends. I have a growing bookshelf of manga, cookbooks, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, and of course any teenage vampire drama you can think of. I'm light-hearted and love to laugh.

*...Also not good with making a bio/profile. >.>
anime, asian_culture, baking, bioshock, bjds, bruce_lee, card_games, cooking, cosplay, costumes, crafting, dolls, drawing, escaflowne, fallout, final_fantasy, fluxx, hujoos, jet_li, kung_fu_films, lolita_fashion, mae, magic_the_gathering, manga, miyazaki, munchkin, ninja_nonsense, ouran_host_club, parasite_eve, photography, pullips, reading, resident_evil, rpgs, sailor_moon, sewing, silent_hill, stargate, survival_horrors, tomb_raider, tony_jaa, video_games